Panel discussion: Fostering Europe-Asia scientifc co-operation

11:05 – 12:20 / Tuesday November 28


5 min briefing
40 min panel discussion

Are synergies needed between research operators (RPO) and funding agencies (RFO) ?

Speakers and Moderation:

Anne PEYROCHE (Ms), CNRS President
YANG Wei, NSFC president
LOW Teck Seng, Singapore NRF CEO
Laurent BOCHEREAU, Minister Counsellor for Science (EU Delegation)
Patrick LEVY, president University Grenoble Alpes Community (TBC)
Moderation: Patrick Nédellec, CNRS director (European Research and International Co-operation)

Developing the Asian-Europe scientific co-operation is often considered as a challenge not only by most Research Performing Organizations (RPO) but by also Research Funding Organizations (RFO). The panel discussion aims at exploring the possible international synergies between RPO and RFO. The floor will be given to RFOs that are bridging Europe and Asia: how do they elaborate their strategies? What are the best practices? How do they synchronize with their national operators and/or with their international partners?

The panel discussion will be the opportunity for Asian and French RPOs
and RFOs not only to debate the issue of funding of scientific co-
operation but also the best ways to build comprehensive strategies
contributing to excellence science and collaboration.